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Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Sauce


How to use the truffle sauce for cooking?


Excellent base for many dishes, Giuliano Tartufi truffle sauce is composed of truffles, mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil. The product does not contain any preservatives or additives, precisely because the quality and authenticity of the truffle sauce makes it the most appreciated product, both for beginners and for great truffle lovers.

The Truffle sauce Giuliano Tartufi (often called with the italian name “Salsa Tartufata”) can be used in combination with many types of pasta or rice. It is ideal for making omelettes or to be combined with more complex sauces such as truffle béchamel, mayonnaise or truffle fresh cream. Truffle Sauce Toasts are also delicious and it’s the simplest and most genuine use you can make of truffle sauce.

Giuliano Tartufi truffle sauce is ideal for those who are beginners with cooking truffles.
Choose among all the variants of Giuliano Tartufi truffle sauce, the texture and intensity of the truffle perfume!

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Our historical and traditional recipes: Truffle, mushrooms, olives and extra virgin olive oil in different combinations, intensities of flavor and textures. All suitable to complete first courses, to make fillings or more simply to be spread on bread. Among all there is certainly the one right for you. Suitable for retail in small formats, and for catering and restaurants in larger ones.

With what ingredients you can use the truffle sauce?

  • Bread (toasted or bruschetta)
  • Pasta, rice, risotto, polenta, gnocchi
  • Pasta filling (for tortelli or ravioli for example)
  • Grilled meat, fried meat or roasted meat
  • Grilled or fried vegetables (especially potatoes, artichokes or eggplants)
  • Omelettes
  • Pizzas
  • Roasted fish

What are the recommended quantities?


We suggest to use 15-20 gr of Truffle sauce per person. The sauce can be used cold on toasted bread or heated in a pan as a condiment for pasta. According to your preferences it is possible to create more elaborate dishes by adding cream, bechamel, butter, melted cheese, oil or mayonnaise.

Follow the recipe
of our bruschetta

Gnocchi with Truffle Sauce


You need: 
– Gnocchi Giuliano Tartufi 250 g
– Truffle sauce Giuliano Tartufi 50 g
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Parmesan

Preparation tips for 2 people:
When the gnocchi float, warm them in a pan for a few minutes together with Giuliano Tartufi truffle sauce. Serve and add extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmesan.

Toast with Truffle Sauce


Your need: 
– 250 g salty fresh bread
– One Giuliano Tartufi truffle sauce 180 g

Preparation tips for 4 people:
Toast thinly sliced bread. In a pan, slightly heat the Truffle Sauce by adding a little extra virgin olive oil and spread the preparation directly on the slices of toasted bread. 

Omelette with Truffle Sauce


You need: 
– 4 eggs
– One Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Sauce 80 g
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle 55 ml

Preparation tips for 4 people:
In a bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk and add the jar of truffle sauce directly in the preparation. Cook in the pan for a few minutes and serve adding Truffle extra virgin olive oil to finish the dish.

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